Established in 1999, HLS embarked on its journey as Home Locator Service, a buyer's agency committed to representing and assisting home purchasers within local communities. Responding to evolving client demands, our services expanded to encompass sellers, dedicated to enhancing their home-selling endeavors.

In 2017, we transformed into Realty of New Mexico LC, and today, we proudly present our updated identity as Ashwood Realty Services, LLC.

Recognizing that rental properties often serve as initial residences for newcomers, we acknowledge the importance of offering information to facilitate the search for suitable temporary living arrangements. This assists individuals in deciding on the ideal permanent location within the town.

Investors, too, have specific requirements for rental properties. Drawing on our accumulated knowledge, we excel in helping identify suitable properties that align with your goal of achieving a high return on investment.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the value we bring. Understanding that trust is a product of time and reliability, we look forward to the opportunity to work for you, earning your confidence. Thank you for considering Ashwood Realty Services, LLC.

Larry Ashwood
Principal Broker

Ashwood Realty Services

Ashwood Realty Services
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